Why Aequitas

The Aequitas Guarantee
When you work with Aequitas, you can be rest assured of quality and finish in every product. That is the Aequitas Guarantee.
Exceptional Quality
We employ cutting edge tools and technologies to ensure that every product that leaves our factory is sturdy, robust and beautiful.
On Time Delivery - Every Time!
At Aequitas ,we value your time.Every order at Aequitas is treated with priority and is delivered on time,every time.
Extensive Product Range
Whether in terms of color, shape, size or finish, Aequitas offers an extensive range of granite products to suit all your requirements.
100% Customer Satisfaction
We value customer satisfaction over everything and commit ourselves to go beyond your expectations every time. Just ask anyone!
Stylish and Elegant Finish
We believe in delivering luxury. Granite at Aequitas is treated with care and is polished to perfection, ensuring an elegant finish.     
Quick Turnaround
Our efficiently streamlined pipeline process ensures that all projects, whether small or large are delivered quickly. No order is too big.
Superior Craftsmanship
Attention to detail, design and shape are of utmost importance at Aequitas Exports. Every piece of granite is carefully processed and polished.